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Discover all defects with only one tool

VI-Module & VI-Detect

Where most automation solutions focus on high throughput, Luo focusses on minimising footprint and achieving the highest quality of measurement. Our patented VI-Module executes all measurements while keeping the container in one location, lowering complexity of the system and increasing the number of possible detections. Our VI-Detect software uses image analysis to find and highlight every kind of defect, keeping the false reject rate low.

Cosmetic Defects
Filling volume

Flexible VI-Module

Our patented VI-Module is simple, compact, but highly effective: it is engineered without one specific container in mind. Holding ampules, vials or syringes in a universal way allows users to easily change operations and inspect different sizes of product, without changing a single piece of hardware.

As fast as you need

One VI-Module has the capability to analyse up to 400 doses per hour. While this might be enough for small batches, higher speeds can be needed in different environments. Combining multiple VI-Modules in one machine increases the throughput and makes it suitable for different environments. Our VI-Assist line comes pre-configured with up to 4 VI-Modules.

Valuable insights with VI-Detect

VI-Detect is our AI-based software tool that quickly and efficiently analyses the photos. It generates traceable insights which help you in finding the root source of your defects, no matter if they are the tiniest suspended particles or the biggest cracks.

Optimise your setup time

To avoid lengthy implementation processes and lots of additional work, VI-Detect uses material that is readily available to learn and optimise its detection algorithms. The latest AI technologies empower us to train on solely good examples of your product or to bring in existing datasets to lower the false reject rates, which reduces time spent looking for defects.

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