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Automated Visual Inspection

In a flexible ánd scalable way

Automated visual inspection

Over the course of the last few years, Luo Automation has developed the first fully automatic visual inspection machine in tabletop size. This machine is able to perform the visual inspection at almost all types of containers.

In this compact solution the container is rotated to ensure that all sides of the container are inspected and all particles are moving through the liquid. With multiple camera and lighting options, all defects are highlighted and evaluated against the highest of standards.


Due to the modulair design, the throughput of the system is tailored to client-specific needs, ranging from 500 till 5.000 containers per hour. If necessary, the system can be expanded with other process steps (labeling, CCI etc.).


The system can be used with syringes, vials and ampoules and has a changeover time of less than 15 minutes.


Visual inspection systems are validated according to various standards (such as various Pharmacopoeias, GMP, GAMP5). By incorporating the most recent and widely used validation methods into the software and implementation protocol, clients are supported in this process.


In small companies, a dedicated visual inspection room is not always desired or available. Due to compact and modular design, this machine can easily be moved from one table to the other.

Different production processes require different automation solutions. Therefore, we are looking forward to discuss how your inspection process can be optimized.