Accessible automation for every process

We have strong affinity with GMP regulated processes and work closely together to tailor our solutions to your process, your environment and your requirements. This way, we offer an effective and efficient automation solution for every process.

tailored solutions

By tailoring existing tools to your requirements, we improve scalability and the reduce initial cost of your solution.

Easy implementation

As all our solutions are compact and stand-alone, they can all be easily installed and maintained in existing cleanrooms.

industry standards

Safety, product quality and data integrity are our top priority. We ensure all our solutions meet all relevant standards and GAMP 5 is closely followed during the development process.

great performance

Solutions should help operators, not annoy them. We guarentee a great man-machine interaction to improve the performance of your process

About us

Our mission is to make sure every GMP regulated company can take advantage of the possibilities that state-of-the-art robotics and computer techniques offer.

Since 2019, an ambitious team works closely together with expert development partners to realize our mission. Because we keep innovating, new and existing solutions are always up to speed with the latest technologies.

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